Success Stories
I work with women to help them heal anxiety so they can embrace life with calm confidence!

“During my mineral testing with Jodie, 
she found out my minerals were all depleted. Which was a big cause of my irritability, low energy, hair loss, and sugar cravings.
After going to the doctors and doing all my blood work all my tests came back saying everything was fine! After adding in the supplements I noticed a complete change!! My hair was growing !! My energy was back to normal and I was living life again !!” - Amanda

"To say that I was extremely anxious about many things, especially my health, is an understatement. So when I came upon a Facebook page called Healing Journey, I was intrigued. I watched Jodie's video and decided to sign up for a phone call. I have to say, I was skeptical and anxious (surprise, surprise) and kind of put Jodie through the ringer because I had been deceived before and was scared that this was all a scam. I took the chance, and I'll never regret it! I signed up for the enhanced program and got to work. I loved the program! It was manageable and the techniques were very helpful! You receive so many tools to help ease your anxiety and you can use them for the rest of your life! I'm eating better, feeling more at ease, and I'm so glad that I took the first step in my Healing Journey! I cannot be more thankful for Jodie and her program...take your first step, you won't regret it!"
- Melanie

"Before working with Jodie, I was having
lots of racing thoughts, [and] trying the same coping skills that weren't working.  The result I am most excited about that I got when working with Jodie is learning how to calm the limbic system and look at my anxiety differently.  

The things I liked most about working with Jodie were that even if I was having a rough week, I was gently pushed and she made what seemed like an overwhelming task more manageable.

I would recommend working with Jodie to other people because she is knowledgeable and gives a perspectives that most doctors don't look at. She has a ton of research and personal experiences to back up the methods that she preaches." - Alison

"When I began working with Jodie my sympathetic nervous system was on high alert constantly.  As a result of was experiencing a myriad of physical symptoms. Through my work with Jodie I am now experiencing virtually no panic attacks.  I'm experiencing very reduced generalized anxiety as well."
- Kim

“I sought out solutions through the medical community. I also researched remedies on my own. Nothing worked to fix the gut pain, diarrhea and anxiety. You [Jodie] were able to fix the issues through a natural solution. My gut pain is 90% petter. Diarrhea is very rare, and I don’t have anxiety anymore” - Josh.

"I'm very thankful I chose to work with Jodie Ellenor.  Jodie is very educated and knowledgable.  I have many issues we're currently working through and I'm very grateful that with her knowledge, testing and supplementing, I was able to get my blood pressure back to a normal range.  After starting the mineral supplements that enabled this change, I noticed within a day or two that my whole body felt different.  It's difficult to put into words.  I can only say that I felt like was constantly on edge and that my 'nervous system' as on overdrive all the time.  I cannot say enough what a difference that one thing has done in my life.  Thanks Jodie"
- Janine
"Jodie was great to work with, always checked in and gave great input. Before working with Jodie, I [having] severe anxiety, especially in the morning. This program influenced my life becauseI’m able to self regulate anxiety even in really stressful situations.  I would recommend working with Jodie to other people because she is very reliable, digs deep into the issues and shows that she cares and wants to help. "
- Stephanie
"Before working with Jodie, I was having
extreme anxiety, heavily associated around my health and driving in particular. I feel like I've had A-HA moments all throughout the program. Each week I learn a new nugget of information that strikes a cord with me. It's either a new idea to try to help with my anxiety, or a new exercise to implement, or just a fun fact that I had never heard before. I think that the biggest A-HA moment I've had that has resonated with my journey and where I think I'm headed in solving this anxiety mystery is Copper Toxicity. So many things point back to that for me, and I'm excited to continue exploring that process of healing. "
- Sara
"Before working with Jodie I was having heart palpitations, brain fog, chronic inflammation, negative thoughts, little joy, poor relationships within my family. The result I am most excited about that I got when working with Jodie is 
gratitude & mindset have been so huge on how I view every day life."
- Katy

Katy explains How the Holistic Anxiety Fix was game changing for both her mindset and here health

The Holistic Anxiety Fix 
Gives Amazing Results!

MAQ Scores BEFORE The Holistic Anxiety Fix 

MAQ = Multidimensional Anxiety Questionnaire
Client #1 (yes, this was a real client, and real results) From severe anxiety to....
Client #2: from severe anxiety to...
Client #3: From moderately clinical anxiety to...

MAQ Scores AFTER The Holistic Anxiety Fix

MAQ = Multidimensional Anxiety Questionnaire
Client #1 (yes, this was a real client, and real results) clinical anxiety after 12 weeks!
Client #2 ...mild anxiety after 12 week
Client #3:.. no clinical anxiety at all
The 1 Thing Clients are Proud of Accomplishing Through the Holistic Anxiety Fix 

"I have been so resistant to dietary changes in the past. I am a foodie to my core, and often relied on food to influence my mood. I have "gone gluten free" in the past, but definitely cheated and didn't take it very seriously. While it is not easy, I proved to myself this time around that I can do it. I surprisingly didn't struggle with it as much as I thought I would, and the pride that comes with that accomplishment is huge for me. I've gotten a sense of clarity within my body because of this. I don't suffer from the body aches and fatigue that I was before. I can see a serious difference in the way I feel and the amount of inflammation I was experiencing because of what I was putting into my body. While I may play around with some of the dairy options slightly, there are actually things that I've found that I prefer dairy free instead of with traditional dairy products. I've enjoyed the process and was shocked by the results and the way I'm feeling now.. "
- Sara

"I am now more aware of how my diet has affected my overall health, it’s been a chain reaction of complete disaster, and I am looking forward to continuing on this track, taking it seriously, and repair my entire system- both physically and mentally. "
- Katy

The Result Clients are Most Excited About 

Less looping and catastrophic thoughts! - Melanie

I am overall just excited about the confidence and trust I have in myself after going through this program. I accomplished a huge goal of changing my eating habits and forming a different relationship with food. I also learned about practical ways to train my brain to focus on the positive - Sara

Snehal's Success Story
Why She is Glad She Took the Leap!

The Success Wall Of Fame
Recovering from An Autoimmune Disease after 14 years...

Here is what this client had to say.... 

"I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 14 years prior to meeting Jodie, and suffered with constant nausea, IBS , acid reflux, and a host of other physical, mental and emotional symptoms. 

Within the first or 3 weeks, the constant nausea dissipated, my appetite started to return, my energy levels increased. I knew it was still going to be a long journey, but I felt hope for the first time!

Once I started to feel better , eat better and sleep better, the stress and anxiety seemed to fall away. Jodie started off slowly and gently, and always made sure that I was comfortable with the pace . She's always available and listens when you talk.

I would recommend working with Jodie to other people because Jodie is down to earth and well rounded in her skills. She is very easy to talk to , and she has personal experience with disease and recovery. 

"When I started working with Healing Journey, I thought I was relatively healthy. I had only been struggling from persistent and worsening acne on my face for years and I had come to a point where I knew the conventional treatments were not working. I had even tried some changes to my diet to no avail.

I was surprised to find out that my gut was the culprit! The GI map and the hormone panel tests done through Healing Journey revealed that, in fact, I was not as healthy as I thought and I had a number of gut issues – without any gut symptoms! These tests and the targeted treatment protocol together really helped me address the root causes of my acne like I never thought was possible.

While the road to recovery required perseverance, with the support from Jodie, I got rid of so much more than just my acne – PMS, low energy, caffeine addiction... I continue working with Healing Journey to discover more ways to be healthy." - Nina

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